Please enjoy my album

Sasha May - She was my lady, and such a beautiful soul

My Little Kiche' her name is in cree which means Sky Spirit, and she carries all of my girls that have crossed over and I see pieces of my girls in Kiche', so beautiful and a beautiful spirit and soul

Kiche' and Levi Beautiful spirits and souls Love always my friends Mom

My Awesome CO Is he not a beauty!!!

My Two Loves of My Life.. I am so very grateful for the beautiful souls and spirits they both have..

In Training....

Tug of Love...

A few of my best friends-so beautiful-unconditonal love always. And words of inspiration. Also included is my art work, some not all.  Please enjoy.  I will always hold each and every one of my four legged best friends with my heart and yes they all do know that, each and every one that has shared their journey with me.