Jul. 22, 2016

Own It and Get Grounded

Unfortunately, we have become a society and day and age where honesty is not always the first policy for many. And this is one of the biggest reasons why many people have problems in their life. They don't know how to own it. For many, it's simply just easier to skirt around the truth with games and duplicity, than it is to just own it. Here we say, games and duplicity are the number one ways to set yourself back from your goals of abundance and success.  So if you're finding that there is something amiss in your life, and the same problems keep happening to you, chances are you just are not owning what you need to own to move forward. And don't worry, if that's you, we've all been there. It's called, being human.  Getting grounded and getting real about your part in your success, is all about owning what didn't work correcting it and moving forward. But in order to do that of course, you need to own those mistakes that you made. How else will you learn? If you can't learn, you can't grow, and you can't succeed period. Do you know how to get real, own it, and get grounded?

It's a lot simpler than we make it. It's just about being real. Be truthful in all things, carry your integrity on your sleeve like it is a batch of honor, and just... Own it.  When something goes wrong, it is instinct for some to look for the easy way out of the situation. We try and find the shortest route to our goal, because that's just easier. Owning it can be difficult to be sure. But not owning it, creates a more difficult path, in a way that we don't even realize is happening.  And if we keep doing that, we keep making the same mistakes, because we haven't learned from them. And so if you're wondering why you haven't reached your success and abundance potential, it's likely because you haven't owned an area where you made a mistake. Owning it is how you get grounded, and it's also how you take control of your destiny.  When you acknowledge where you went wrong, and your willingness and readiness to make corrections, Universe acknowledges you in return with rewards and blessings.  Are you ready for those blessings and rewards? Then all you need to do is own it.