Aug. 29, 2016


Today, as I was meditating I had found out that I am unique just like you and all of us, I had always known that, and its funny after 60 years or more that this time since 2012 its time for us all to arise to a higher consiousness. and it is so awesome, knowing that we all are part of the creator, spirit, whom ever you believe in.  

Oh dont get me wrong, sure we has humans have our up and down days, but they do pass, and yes we are allowed to have the off days, and yet we are all loved so very much.

On this journey of mine, there was allot of ups and downs, and for that I am grateful, as it would not be me as of today, a very kind and compassioate soul.  Being compassionate does not make you weak, it makes you stronger, the more light you carry, the darkness does try its best to bring you down to its level, but do not give up no matter what, we all have a special and unique gift inside each and every one of us.

To me mother earth has given us so much, as well as the universe, their has been so much taking and not enough giving back, now it is time for all of us to awaken and ensure that all is taken, is also given back and this is for our children, our grandchildren and their children and the creatures, the water all things matter.  So please use respect and give thanks for all things and beings.

That is it for the day

I hope that this touches someone, for as I change within me, I at least hope to change one other beings life.