Sep. 19, 2016


I would just like to address some things on my mind.

I have been coming across allot of people that have special gifts, and yet they fail to recognize it, they seem to ignore it, I am not sure why.  And yet I let them know that what a special gift you have, and of no avail they just do not want to go there.

For me, it is awesome to see, and yet that is their choice if they want to acknowledge the gift.  You see when you see others and each of us humans are so very special, and what a beautiful gift.  I would like also to tell them keep on keep on, and learn each and every day, get out of the 3D box so too speak, but knowing what I know I cannot do that unless someone would like to learn, and I am willing to help them to see how special they are.

Until then I cannot go and wake up everyone.  The learning is awesome, as that is what we are down here for.  And yes it brings up allot of emotions and things that humans do not want to deal with, but once you open up you will never go back.  

And yes we all keep on learning, each and every day, and that is what it is all about.

The love and compassion that we all have.  And yes there are days were it is a little tough, but we all get through.

My saying is if we want to change we change within our selves, and if it touches one life that is awesome, and if more that is totally awesome.

Love and light to all

Please carry on with your enlightenment, as we are all loved so so very much and all a part of GOD, SPIRIT, WHOM EVER YOU BELIEVE IN..