Oct. 24, 2016

This moment is all we have

I feel the love and compassion, the great spirit has within myself.  I continue to maintain the spirituality within myself, some days it gets a little rough, and when I get a little out of sorts, I listen to my native music, and words of wisdom to find the strength inside of me

Has a human living on this planet which is mother earth, I have a hard time of understanding why it is that their is so much pain and greed and suffering, as this is not the way it is supposed to be, we are to live in harmony, no one needs to be hungry, or taken advantage of, or abused and I believe in my heart that their will be peace on mother earth, their has been too much taken, and not enough given back to mother earth, with out her, all life would not be able to exist.

All the creatures and living breathing, deserve respect and love.

I pray and send out love and light to all of mother earth, that their is peace and love and we all live in harmony, as it should be.

We are all connected, and that is my truth