Nov. 11, 2016



We are light, we are sound, we are sacred vibration.  The harmonic perfection of the universe lies within the eternal chambers of our heart.  Our very existence is the born of this resilient life force united with all of creation.  ”Awakening” is recognizing our inherent connection to this source, and reteaching ourselves to access this divine fount to bring healing, clarity, and purpose into our lives..

Healing of any form does not come from outside the body, as it is our choice to choose wellness through our actions. This is an easy concept to understand, but it is often very difficult to embrace and integrate into our lives.  To follow the road back to complete wellness, we must first set the intention for our minds, hearts, and spirits to be open to the nourishing energy within. Take responsibility for your recovery of the body and accept your healing nature. Every single one of us is a healer.  Every single one is a cocreator of this world. The body is continually recreated by the conscious spirit with each and every breath.  However, our minds often deviate away from this pure state of united connection to the source.  This conflict with the creative design and failure to fully embrace one’s divine nature negates one’s ability to heal by casting mental doubt, anxiety, and fear.  Love born within the source of spirit is the highest form of reality and thus is the ultimate source of healing.