Nov. 20, 2016

This Moment

I would like to share some of my spiritual journey, once you have began taking this journey and I have and finally after all these years, am beginning to find  out who I am, (I am that I am), as I continue with this journey, the best teacher I have had is KYRON, a collective source, channelled by Lee Caroll.  I have come to a point in my life, that I have less stress and less worry, and in these times of hardship for everyone, I have made it another day.

The more I learn the better I can be.  You see spirituality to me, is the most awesome path that I could have ever chosen, and with my native background and connection to mother earth and the unvierse, I realize that each and every day is a gift.

I will be writing a book on my journey as it inspires me to share with others.

That is it for the moment.

I hope that whomever visits my website, please leave a comment, and remember our planet mother earth will be at a place of peace.  I do promise you all that.