Dec. 14, 2016

Stop the abuse of Animals

This evening I would like to address the abuse of what is going on with our beautiful creatures that live with us on this planet.

This just rips a piece of my heart, when I hear and or see some one abuse animals, wether they are domesticated or not.  Tell me why do humans want to act so cruel?  Has from my eyes and heart I just do not understand why and I guess I never will understand and nor do I respect any human that is cruel to animals.

The darkness over comes some humans, and I pray that they will wake up and see how much our animals, domesticated and or wild have to teach us beautiful lessons, some you may not like, but they are the truth.

You know when you look into a animals eyes, they are so pure, and so genuine.  Sure they have their times when they get a little choked at one another.   But they know when and why they have to do that.  This also applies to the winged and creatures that live with humans on this planet.  

You see each creature can sense the energy of each and every one of us.  And that is beautiful, as  they know who is of light and who is of dark energy.  

Ever wonder why some domesticated animals turn on their so called owners, it is called protecting themselves, and knowing that that human is not true.  And guess who pays the price, they do.  As humans come up with a excuse, just for example (oh it was not our fault, the animal just attacked me for no reason), not so they do not do that.  If there is any kind of attack it is caused from a human and or the creature is not well.  And this is my opinion and always will be.  Yes sometimes and very rarely some domesticated are born not right, and it is not their fault, and then sometimes you have to decide to put them down, and the right way.  You take them to the vet if you can and take part in their crossing over to the other side.  

You never give up on helping them ever, you always do the very best to ensure that your animals are safe and well looked after and loved, and that is what you call compassion and love.  Has their love for you is always always unconditonal.  Just like a small child, they look up to you for your love and respect for them and they give to you the unconditional love you have ever had, it is so beautiful and genuine.

And for the wildcreatures they are to be left to roam, and roam free.  Without human interaction.  Now adays, the industry that we have sometimes chases the wild animals from their homes, and you know that if there was more compassion that we could ensure that those wild animals have a safer place to go.  That is our responsibilties humans.

All of GOD's creations have a lesson to tell us and or warn us of what is going on around us.

Yes I have great sympathy for all.  You see I respect all of our creatures, and let me tell you that I have more trust in them than I do in most humans.  Has I understand and respect them.  And if you require food for your family, and when you have to take a animals life, then please talk to them before and thank them for giving their life, in order for you to have their meat.  And that is the way to do it from my prespective and honour for the creatures of this earth.

All creatures live in the moment, and to live in the moment always would be a awesome and we has humans can do this, and then humans would understand the creatures of this planet.

I could go on and the more I write the more tears that flow when I see the abuse and cruelty of the beautiful creatures of this planet.

I have a petition on care2petitions regarding animal abuse for all creatures if you would like to sign.  Has each signature has a impact, just like one small voice has a impact.

Remember that we are all part of this vast universe and this beautiful planet. So please humans what you take, please give back.