Dec. 27, 2016


Humans are very hard to understand, some are in your lives for a long time, and show you lessons as well.  And then there are some that will not own their own crap, and go to blame others for their own issues. Humans wake up and look in the mirror, as it is you that makes your own path, and no one else has anything to do with it.

To me that is why I love my animals, as they accept you for who you are and not what they think you should be.  Just love and compassion.  And that is a great thing, and the wonderful aspect of animals.  I could not have had better friends than my animlas.  

I do not mind helping out humans if they want to progress, I will give them the tools, and from there it is up to them to make their future and to change what they want to change in their lives, to make it better to overcome obstacles and understand why it is what is going on around them and inside them.

We are all part of creation, how beautiful is that.  

Look inside all of yous and see the beauty and the part of creation that you are.  And you will excel beyond belief.