Feb. 15, 2017

When you know that you are in the wrong place

I would like to address the feeling, the emotion of knowing that you are in the wrong place, and knowing that you have to change your direction, and yes I am speaking about myself. When you have know what you know, in regards to work and yet you know that you are not part of it anymore.  Even though it is a form of survival, and that was the old energy.  And that it is time to transition into my or your passion, and yes it takes sometimes many years to find that truth.

To live in love and compassion for all and this includes mother earth and all the living and breathing on this planet.

Oh my it is a journey forsure.  And I give thanks to Lee Carol for channeling KYRON as I also give thanks to the beautiful spirit inside for showing me that what really matters is what you have inside.  You do not have to say anything what so ever, you walk in the light and get rid of all that condioning that you were brought up in. Once again it is no ones fault, because you dont know what you dont know.

And now it is time to know that we are all loved and truly loved by GOD, Source, Great Spirit and that all comes within you.  And what a beautiful feeling.  

Yes it takes so called time, but I know that you can make it and always will. Walk in the light, for you say nothing, it just changes everything around you.