May. 1, 2017

15 Essential Life Lessons

Essential Life Lessons:

1. We are the Creator existing in a quantum field in an infinite number of versions. Creator is not a noun, it is a verb. It is the process of alchemizing thought into form, energy into matter, and it is the process of life itself. All manifestations start with an idea/inspiration/decision/knowing.

2. All versions of realities exist simultaneously. We shift from one to another based on our current vibration on a moment-to-moment basis, and our current vibration is determined by our thoughts and emotions that are filtered by those thoughts.

3. Creation is effortless when we are not in our own way.

4. We are all manifestations of Source, hence we are One. We are all of it and we are here to experience all of it: the male and the female, the yang and the yin, the light and the dark, the joy and the agony, the love and the pain, the laughter and the tears, the healing and the scars, as well as the peace and the discord. We can easily birth life as we can birth death. Everything is a part of this process and an expression of Creation.

5. We do have the power to choose a preferred reality at any time. First we need to get clear on what we truly desire, and we learn what we truly desire through experiencing contrast, or the absence of what we desire. The duality in life provides us with that contrast and the darkness in life is not a punishment but an opportunity for us to wake up to our true essence so we can tap into our own power of conscious creation.

6. Time does not exist. There is only one eternal moment of Now where all realities, past, present and future exist simultaneously.

7. We cannot die. We only change form because we are Universal Consciousness that is formless, infinite, eternal and always evolving. The only constant in life is change.

8. It is ok to be afraid, just allow it. But remember, we are far more powerful than our fears.

9. What we focus on becomes our reality and what we pay attention to grows and multiplies in our lives. We are all connected because we are energy, and others’ realities can easily become our own if we are not centered in our own vibration. While we are here to walk each other home with unconditional love and compassion, we are neither responsible for others’ realities and journeys, nor are we here to force our own beliefs onto others so they can change. Wherever we are in our journeys is the perfect place for us to be.

10. All thoughts and beliefs are energy and are contagious. Everything is energy.

11. Hell is a state of mind created by fears and thoughts that do not align with our True Self. Likewise, thoughts that are in alignment create heaven on earth.

12. We can neither change what is outside of us, nor can we silence the cries in the world. The only thing we have power over is our own thoughts and how we choose to perceive, and experience our realities, and that is done through inner work. What we see is what we project, and what we project is based on what we believe to be true.

13. Our only purpose here is to expand and create; though we all have chosen different missions and we have brought our unique gifts and talents to fulfill those missions.

14. We are divine love; it is not an emotion but a state of being. Everything else is an illusion that provides us with a contextualized field so we may remember ourselves as divine love/Creation.

15. In order to live a life of unlimited freedom and conscious creation, the ego needs to go through some type of death and rebirth so it can surrender its need to control, and release its past, stories, roles, identity and any existing programming. Some refer to this as spiritual awakening – a.k.a. awakening to our True Self, the part of us that is an extension of Source Energy. To see through the illusions and have access to the infinite wisdom of the True Self, we must first wake up from the dream.