Jun. 28, 2017

Just For Today

I would like to address some of what I found out in my Life.

I know that I am a empath, yes a empath, sensative.  It is not a bad thing, actually it is a wonderful gift to have, it helps you to continue to grow, and grow spirituality to understand why you are down here and what to do.  I was taught that it was not a good thing, that I was so over sensative, but that is what they thought.  It was not my thought. 

I would like to address the 3 most worst words there is "I Know That", as when you say this, then you should be living what you know.. True or True'...

I am not sure who has visited the site, but please leave a reply and or message and I will get back to you.  

If you would like to understand more about what I have learned and it has helped me in my life tremendously.   Take away the Fear, the aniexty, the discomfort and live in your True Self, not what others made you think Who you Are..

Namaste' Always